Human Needs And Business Management

Abraham Maslow, an eminent psychologist, studied human behavior for many years and developed a well-known equilateral triangle depicting a series of needs that are necessary for successful human interaction in one’s home, work and society.These needs begin at the base of the triangle with the most basic of human physiological requirements for survival such as food, water and sleep and then move upward to the apex of the triangle which represents the achievement of satisfaction in life which he refers to as self-actualization.Between the physiological need and the desire for self-actualization are three other needs identified as safety, belonging and esteem.Small businesses, large corporations and every manager should be cognizant of Maslow’s theory and make decisions that fulfill some aspect of these needs if they want to develop loyal, competent and satisfied employees.There are a myriad of practical applications for Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that can be incorporated into business practices. Assuming that the basic survival needs are fulfilled in the work place, here are are a few suggestions. Many of these suggestions are already incorporated into the life of businesses and the result is increased employee satisfaction and productivity. Interestingly, the application of these principles can apply to a multi-national conglomerate or a mom and pop business operation that employs just a few.Safety needs encompass the broad desire to feel secure in one’s environment. Businesses should insure that there are plans and policies in effect to deal with the broad range of disasters that might occur such as fire, flood, hurricane, tornado or even a mishap that might occur at work. Employees should be well briefed on what to do in the event of an emergency and management should demonstrate their concern. Are fire extinguishers, first-aid kits and emergency telephone numbers available? Other concerns might be to insure that adequate lighting is available in parking areas so that employees who arrive early or leave late feel safe.Belonging needs provide a sense of family and allow employees to feel like they are part of a team. Hats, shirts or other personal accouterments are often used to promote a sense of group as well personal identity. Simple things like remembering an employee’s birthday or anniversary with a greeting or even a card instill a sense of well being and create an environment where individual productivity is increased because they feel appreciated.Esteem needs provide a sense of achievement and satisfaction to an employee. An “employee of the month”, a small certificate of appreciation, a public thank-you for a job well done all promote a positive work environment.This is just a sampling of the many ways that business managers can use the psychology of human behavior to provide a sense of well-being for those in the work environment. Every manager or leader should be familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and incorporate those elements into the workplace.

Achieving Goals Through Business Management

Communication is a fundamental building block for creating a team of members that do not only work well on their own, but with each other. It is important to foster this line of information sharing at all levels within a company, but perhaps none so much as with its leaders. More often than not, you encounter situations where the proverbial right hand does not speak to the left. In those situations, you are bound to find whispered conversations between employees, customers, or even the peers of the people that view them selves as affected. How does one foster this link between management teams in such a fast paced world?A popular method of creating this open type of forum is by holding regular meetings. Whether they are in person or in conference call form, you can be certain that everyone receives the same message and can respond to any questions. But what if you want to get their input? Business management has been known to many for a very long time as a closed door operation, where employees receive their orders, and deliver on said requests. In today’s market, that tide has turned as upper level management seeks out feedback from those on the front lines. They are holding retreats and seminars that pull them away from the main arena for a day or so, but allow for them to think out of the box and consider other options for overall corporate success, leaving employees refreshed and reenergized. These enthusiastic feelings of positivity then transfer down through their teams and so on, breathing life into corners otherwise silent.Sharing a company’s vision is very important to successfully representing it. With a business management team that is both approachable and accessible, you certainly can’t go wrong. Communicate with your fellow team members. Allow them the opportunity to grow the rapport between themselves and their own team. It can make the world of difference between a cohesive working environment and an unstable structure.

Top Ten Travel Accessories

With 100’s of travel accessories available it is sometimes difficult to choose which ones to buy and which to omit. My list gives a run down on the top ten must haves for any traveller.1. Travel Adaptor. If you are travelling overseas to a country that uses a different plug socket to your home country then you will need the appropriate travel adaptor if you intend to take electrical devices with you whether it be your phone, laptop, iPad, camera or music player. If you are visiting multiple countries then you might want to look into a universal adaptor which will convert your plug to any worldwide socket.2. Travel Wallet. When travelling you carry many more documents than you normally would so your regular wallet is most likely not large enough. You will need room for your travel tickets, passport, visa’s, travellers cheques, credit cards, cash and boarding passes. It is a good idea to keep all of your documents in one place that is easy to access so that you pass through immigration swiftly. Look out for a travel wallet that is roomy and has a lot of sections to organise your documents into separate compartments. An exterior slip in pocket is useful for your boarding passes.3. Concealed Waist Wallet. After you reach your destination and settled in at your hotel you will no longer need to carry around all your travel documents. I recommend that you just carry the cash you need for the day and possibly a credit card. Many tourist destinations have a high rate of pick pocketing so a regular wallet can be unsafe. A concealed money belt however is hidden under your clothes and is invisible to a would-be thief.4. Pocket Travel Guide or Destination App. Visiting a new destination is exciting as you discover new places of interest but often with little knowledge of the destination a lot of time can be wasted whilst you get to know the area. Before smart phones a poker sized travel guide was the best option but if you now have a smart phone then there are many apps that will give you detailed information on the place you are visiting.5. Sleeping Mask. If you are travelling by plane, coach or train for an extended period catching 40 winks is advisable and can make a long journey seem short. Due to the less than ideal settings an eyeshade helps to cut out the light and make sleeping a little easier and more comfortable. If you reach your destination and are suffering from jet lag and need to sleep during the day then the mask will be useful again.6. Travel Pillow. Essential for a comfortable rest whilst travelling, travel pillows come in a variety of designs. Some are a horseshoe shape and loop around the back of your head and others are just a small version of your bed pillow. They can either be filled (usually foam) or inflatable. The filled ones are generally more comfortable but do take up a lot more room than an inflatable one, take this into consideration when choosing the right one for you particularly if you have limited space in your carry on luggage.7. Luggage Scales. Excess baggage fees can be horrendous and should be avoided at all costs so even though you will not use it much, a luggage scale can save you a lot of money. Weigh your luggage before you travel and then again before you return. Check that you know exactly what weight you are allowed to take with you and consider that when purchasing gifts from overseas. If you think you are getting close to your limit during the trip re-weigh your luggage and consider posting items back home if you are going to go over your limit.8. Toiletry Bags. Seasoned travelers always use a toiletry bag, it is a good way to keep all your toiletries in one place and they can stay in there for the duration of your trip some even have a hanger system so that they can open up and form a shelf in your hotel room. The other big reason for using a toiletry bag is spillage, your shampoo/aftershave could become damaged during transit and leak out onto the rest of your packing. Toiletry bags are usually waterproof so in the event of spillage the liquid is limited to the toiletry bag only and want soil your clothes.9. Travel Clothes Line. No one really wants to wash clothes on holiday but sometimes it can be unavoidable even if it is just a few items over the space of several weeks. You can always find something to use as a substitute washing liquid if you have no travel wash with you (such as soap or shampoo) but hanging the items can be difficult if you have no balcony and even then it is not ideal as your garments could end up dusty. The solution is a travel clothes line that garments attach to by a twist in the line and has no need for clothes pegs.10. Packable Bag. This kind of bag can either be a backpack or travel bag that folds away into our small pouch so in effect you are getting an extra bag that takes little space but can be unfolded to an extra, useful bag should it be needed.